[chirp_users] Wouxun KG-UV2d will not transmit

Tom Consodine nd5y at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 21 15:10:31 PDT 2020

In addition to that the UV2D (and UV3D, UVD1P and some other models) are
not capable of being programmed for 2.5 kHz steps/7.5 kHz spaced
channels that are used on VHF by many Part 90 licensee and they may not
even be narrowband compliant (I don't remember).

Wouxun software and KG-UV Commander software allows you to (illegally)
expand the transmit frequency range. At least on radios that were sold
about 10 years ago. I don't know if Wouxun changed the firmware since
then and I don't remember if CHIRP has that capability

Tom ND5Y

On 6/21/20 10:30 AM, Jardy Dawson via chirp_users wrote:
> I don’t believe the UV2 is Part 90 certified, and will only transmit in
> the ham bands. To do Public Safety, you would need a radio like the UV7
> or UV6. Those would be listed as Commercial radios. 

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