[chirp_users] Fw: No USB Port Error

Glenn K0LNY glennervin at cableone.net
Wed Jun 3 02:09:48 PDT 2020

Well, I made a little progress with the USB problem, in Ubuntu.
I installed a new live Ubuntu, on a thumb drive for a friend, and I 
installed Chirp for him, and plugged in my Kenwood and tried to download 
from radio, and first it did nothing.
So I tried again, and I got the same error:
error no 2 cannot find ttyUSB0
No such file or directory.
And this was on a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.43 with updates installed.
Just like on my other computer that had the same issue.
So in doing a web search on the problem, I found a YouTube where the guy 
suggested using lsusb and he found the device in his case, on USB1.
So I went to terminal and found the prolific on USB1
So then I found that in Chirp, it wasn't there before, I am fairly sure.
So now I no longer get that error, but it still does not download from the 
radio, it just goes to the blank Chirp screen.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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I just checked to add ubuntu-mate to the dialout and it tells me that
ubuntu-mate is already a member of dialout.
So there is a problem with it finding usb0.
Could it be that a different radio's cable might be using a serial
I've used the Tytera cable via USB and Baofeng's cable via USB and it has
always been recognized.
Note, the cable I'm stuck with for now is a USB cable that should go with a
digital radio, the Radioddity GD77-S, so I don't know if it has something
different to the cable.
I accidentally sent the Baofeng cable along with the GD77-S that I traded
for the Kenwood.

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On Fri, May 22, 2020 at 1:06 PM Glenn K0LNY <glennervin at cableone.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just got a new used radio, a Kenwood TH-F6.
> So I plugged in the radio using a non-Kenwood cable and I went into
> "radio" and download from radio and selected my radio model and USB0 and I
> get the message:
> error no 2 cannot open tty/usb0 error cannot locate tty/USB0.
> or something similar.
> I have used this cable and that Ubuntu with Chirp in the past for my other
> radios, and other than different brands of radios, I have always been able
> to do this.
> I know a guy who has done this to this model using the Baofeng cable using
> a different software in Windows, not the Kenwood software, but one that
> they purchased.
> I don't recall the name, but I think it starts with an R.
> At any rate, I'd sooner buy a Kenwood cable than that other software and
> keep using Chirp.
> Hopefully I didn't get it mixed up with the Radioddity cable.
> I thought I had the right cable with the Radioddity when I sent it off.
> I don't know if they put the name of the associated radio on the cables,
> since I'm Blind.
> But any who, would this be an error for the wrong cable?
> Thanks.
> Glenn

Hi Glenn,

>From what you are describing it sounds like you Linux user doen't have
permission to access the port. Either run CHIRP as root or as your
Linus user to the dialout group.

I also have a Kenwood TH-F6a. CHIRP programs it in "live" mode.

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