[chirp_users] Python 3? GTK3?

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Mon Jul 13 15:18:51 PDT 2020

I and a few others are working on updating the chirp package in pkgsrc
from the last release to a daily snapshot.  That caused me to look at
our package, and I see that it depends on py-gtk2, which in pkgsrc is
marked as python 2.7 only.  In general we're trying to have packages be
able to build with python 3 when that's doable.

I went to see if we were missing a py-gtk update that let it use python
3, and we have the last PyGTK release from upstream 2.24.0 that actally
has source code.  I don't understand 2.24.2 but that seems to be windows
installers only and no sources.


FWIW, pkgsrc's current dependencies are:

  $ pkg_info chirp
  Information for chirp-20200622:

  Tool for programming Amateur Radio HTs


I looked in the unpacked daily src tarball and didn't find a README that
explained what dependencies are required for chirp.

So I wonder:

  Are people using py-gtk2 with python 3?  Is there some other py-gtk2 I
  should be finding?

  Is there any option to use py-gobject, or some other gtk bindings

  Is there any option to use gtk3 instead?

  Is anything on the dependency list above spurious/missing?

73 de n1dam

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