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Bernhard Hailer ae6yn at arrl.net
Sat Jul 11 14:15:16 PDT 2020

Hi Jim,

that was the kind of concentrated information about Baofeng radios I 
always wanted to have. Thanks for this comprehensive list! I think we 
should make this a part of the FAQ.

Bernhard AE6YN

On 11-Jul-20 07:30, Jim Unroe wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 11, 2020 at 8:22 AM Mark Thompson <bigpimp347 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Just bought a Tri-band version of the A58S,
>> and although Chirp downloads from radio in either A58, A58S or even UV-5R-XYZmk3Turbo whatever it is.
>> when i download the radios stock configuration i see VHF and UHF frequencies including 220Mhz.
> Baofeng used to have different firmware series and "magic" strings
> (the string recognized by the radio to initiate the cloning process)
> for the various radio models. CHIRP could use these differences to
> keep the radio models separated by their features and capabilities.
> Back in 2014 when they began introducing the HN5RV style firmware, the
> got away from this. Nearly any newly introduced model uses the same
> HN5RV firmware version and "magic" string. Unfortunately, this makes
> it impossible for CHIRP to differentiate between many models that it
> has never seen before. This also puts the burden of the user to select
> the correct model to get the correct support for the radios features.
> UV-5R like radios: 2 power levels & 2 bands
> BF-F8HP like radios: 3 power levels & 2 bands
> UV-5RX3 like radios: 2 power levels & 3 bands
> UV-82 like radios: 2 power levels & 2 bands
> UV-82HP like radios: 3 power levels & 2 bands
> UV-82X3 like radios: 2 power levels & 3 bands
> BF-A58 like radios: 2 power levels & 2 bands
> BF-A58S like radios: 2 power levels & 3 bands
> For example...
> If BF-A58 is selected, the CHIRP supported bands are
> 130.000000-180.000000 MHz
> 400.000000-521.000000 MHz
> If BF-A58S is selected, the CHIRP supported bands are
> 130.000000-180.000000 MHz
> 200.000000-260.000000 MHz
> 400.000000-521.000000 MHz
>> but Chirp only says this radio is VHF and UHF and not 220Mhz.
> CHIRP doesn't "say" how many bands your radio has. I assume you are
> referring to the band limits shown on the Settings -> Other Settings
> menu panel. CHIRP shows exactly what the radio provides to it. A band
> with the lower limit set to 130 and an upper limit set to 260.
> [130]
> [260]
> And a second band with the lower band limit set to 400 and the upper
> band limit set to 520.
> [400]
> [520]
>> so when i download all seems good.
> Because all is good.
>> configuration only shows as dual band.
> No it doesn't. It shows the band limits how they are configured in the
> radio's memory. And for clarification, the band limits setting only
> affects what frequencies can be entered via the keypad into the VFO.
> It has absolutely nothing to do with what frequencies that can be
> programmed into the channels (unless you are programming channels from
> the radio's keypad).
>> my issue is although i can ad 220Mhz frequencies to the memories, i dare'nt upload in case the radio goes to VHF and UHF only and i lose the 220Mhz.
>> will it lose 220Mhz if i upload as a dual band and not tri-band ??
> There is no way for CHIRP to change your radio from a 3 band model to
> a 2 model. As long as you don't change the band limits as shown above,
> your radio will always cover the factory frequencies. If you are that
> worried about it, use the factory programming software.
>> wil the tri-band frequencies install although Chirp say's it's dual band ??
> As long as you choose a model that supports 3 bands (BF-A58S or
> UV-82III), CHIRP will support 3 bands.
>> any one ??
>> thanks..
> Jim KC9HI
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