[chirp_users] BAOFENG UV-5R8W

Jim Unroe
Wed Jan 8 19:07:04 PST 2020

On Wed, Jan 8, 2020 at 9:16 PM Troy Hunter <Troyhunter at outlook.com> wrote:
> First I'd like to say, what an awesome, helpful group,
> Does anyone have any experience with the BAOFENG UV-5R8W? I Just got one from ABBREE through Amazon. Has anyone had success with any  type of software for programing? This is supposedly a three power model. I have tried a few models on CHIRP, the included BAOFENG software and attempted a download from the ABBREE website, all with what I would call negative results. It was a package deal with an included Baofeng cable (Prolific USP) that that Windows 10 said was working. Any help would be appreciated, especially knowing if there is a model I can select on CHIRP that has worked for others.
> Best Regards,
> Troy Hunter
> (Newly licensed)

Hi Troy,

The BF-F8HP is most likely the model to choose. It is used for all of
the other UV-5R type radios with 3 power levels. You are most likely
going to have to download, install and select the older Prolific
device driver.


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