[chirp_users] open image file fails

Perneczky Miklós
Mon Jan 6 13:13:41 PST 2020

Hi Guys,

I wanted to reprogram my Baofeg BF888, so I installed the chirp daily 
(again, because I haven't used it since a while) to my Ubuntu 16.04 machine.
Firstly I was able to open my previously saved .img files, edit them and 
load the new config to the radio. But after a while chirp failed to load 
the .img files properly, it is loading only the first 1 banks, and 
nothing more. This happens both the old and the new .img files. I tried 
to add more lines, but I got an error message, that there is no more 
space available.
Am I doing something wrong? Could you please give me a hint how to get 
over this?



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