[chirp_users] Programming Troubles

Tony Fuller
Sun Jan 5 11:57:19 PST 2020

"Channel spacing is irrelevent."

If the mic is causing the TX to deviate outside the expected receiver band then it's not irrelevant and will be squelched. It's basic receiver limitations, DSP or no DSP.

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Channel spacing is irrelevent.
He cant hear you because you have CTCSS encode on and he DOES NOT have CTCSS decode on. You both need either encode AND decode ON or both OFF.

On 05 January 2020 at 11:52 Jonas Haiduk <jhaiduk at hotmail.com> wrote:

My friend gave me a spreadsheet of frequencies programmed into his radio, which included the following

I can hear him through my radio, but I cannot send to him so that he can hear me. Attached is a screenshot of what I attempted in CHIRP. I have a feeling the problem I am experiencing is due to the Channel Spacing column from his spreadsheet, which I'm not sure how to deal with in CHIRP

I have a BAOFENG A-58 and am using CHIRP for Mac.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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