[chirp_users] Possible Bug in DSTAR Settings - chirp-daily-20200213-installer

dan at ozment.net dan at ozment.net
Thu Feb 13 09:56:19 PST 2020

I installed the version mentioned in the subject today, and was able to
successfully read my Icom ID-51 Plus.   I want to replace one of the
values in the Your Call field on the D-STAR tab, but I'm not getting my
new values to stick in the field. 

 	* I click on the D-STAR tab on the left, and I have values in the Your
Callsign column. 
 	* I click on an existing value so that I can edit it.
 	* I Cut, delete, or backspace out the value in the field I've
 	* I add my new value.
 	* I click on another row or tab out of the field to get out of the one
I've just changed.
 	* I do a File/Save or File/Save As to save the changes. 
 	* I Move from the D-STAR to other tabs and back to D-STAR to verify
that I still see my new value.
 	* I close the file and reopen it
 	* I see the original value in the field that I changed.

To confirm that I'm really saving the file I changed something in the
Memories tab before I saved.  That change sticks, but the one in D-STAR
does not.  

I also tried writing the data back to the radio after saving, but the
radio has the old value.  And, I tried putting the new value in a Your
Callsign row that is already blank.   

The other sections on the D-STAR tab may be the same.   

Thanks for a great app!   



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