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For those having issues with chirp and all of a sudden it won’t read the radio I found that anti-virus and anti-malware programs sometimes will quarantine the driver software especially if it is of Chinese origin. I usually turn my malware and antivirus off when installing but in some cases had to exclude certain folders and programs in order for it to work.


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I have Chirp 20200207 on a Windows platform installed fine and it communicates fine with the 

USB cable to my Leixen 898s.  Now I understand how the clone function works as I've used it 

with other radios.  I understand the radio is supposed to take any changes "live" and I'm not 

supposed to have to use "upload to radio".


What I've noticed is the changes don't get written to the radio.  Has the protocol changed as 

I see the "upload to radio" in the pulldown is not grayed out?



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