[chirp_users] BTech 5X3

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 09:47:49 PST 2020

> In the FRS/GMRS category, it loaded what appears to be identical frequencies for 20 channels in each of these groups (Channel 1-20 for each group is the same). Is there a reason for this redundancy or can I delete one range?

FRS requires all channels to be NFM. GMRS includes the available
repeaters. Otherwise the frequencies, since the recent rules change,
are the same. This radio is neither an FRS or GMRS radio, keep what
you want, remove what you don't want.

> I loaded all of the NOAA weather channels, but do not seem to get any reception on any of them, although I know they broadcast non-stop. Is there something else I need to do in the setup? Problem exists whether I scan (and do not skip channel) or input the frequency directly.

No. If you can't pick up a NOAA frequency in VFO mode by directly
entering a frequency, then this is not a CHIRP issue.

> Is there a way to jump directly to a specific channel in memory, instead of having to step through one at a time using the arrow keys?

Key in the 3 digit channel number. To go to channel 73, key in
[0][07][3]. Also not a CHIRP issue.

> Is there a way to link the frequency AND the corresponding channel name in the display, either on the A/B display lines (frequency on one and name on the other) or by toggling between frequency and channel mode to see both pieces of data on the same line (A or B)?

Yes. Read the manual. It is menu 24 (SYNC).
Detailed Menu Definitions: https://www.miklor.com/COM/UV_MenuDef.php

> Once I load all the desired frequencies from the Chirp stock configuration lists into memory, do I need to modify any of the individual column settings that were loaded into each frequency line?

You should. For example the NOAA channels and any other channels that
you do not/should not transmit on should have Duplex set to "off".
GMRS repeater channels may require a CTCSS tone or DTCS tone. It is
all dependent on your location and what your requirements are. For
example I set all of the transmitting channels to the LOW power level
and only toggle to the HIGH power level when necessary by tapping the
[#] key.


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