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>  1. What frequencies should I load into memory slots?
That will depend on your area of interest. Your radio is FM only so this 
is likely to include local FM repeaters, any frequencies used by your 
local club for its activities (e.g. "nets") and any that are of specific 
interest that you therefore might end up using regularly. For example I 
have the ISS (145.800) programmed into mine because I sometimes like to 
receive SSTV images that they send out from time to time.
>  1. If I don’t load a frequency into a memory slot, does that mean I
>     can’t RX/TX on that frequency?
Not at all. Programming a frequency into a memory just allows you easily 
recall it by name or memory slot number. When programming in a repeater 
frequency you can also conveniently set the offset and CTCSS tone. On an 
analog radio you should be able to tune in to any frequency within its 
range and listen in but the radio will need to be in VFO mode as opposed 
to memory mode. The UV-5R has an orange button on the front to allow you 
to switch between the two modes. Once you are licensed as a radio 
amateur you can also Tx but be aware that your license will allow you to 
transmit within the amateur radio bands only. For example, your radio 
covers the PMR frequency range, but it is unlikely to be legal to 
transmit on those frequencies using this radio because it is not 
designed to PMR radio specifications and exceeds the max power output 
that is legally permitted for PMR transmissions. Don't assume that just 
because the radio is capable or a band is license free, that it is 
automatically OK to transmit on it. Details for the Rx and Tx frequency 
ranges the radio is capable of should be covered in the manual, but it 
is also worth being familiar with the bandplan and regulations governing 
usage in your country. Going off subject a little here perhaps but it is 
good to be aware.
> How do I know what frequencies to use for repeaters in my area (or 
> outside of my area)?
To find repeaters in your country/area you could have a look at 
> BTW, this is for a mobile Mirkit Baofeng UV-5R MK5 radio.
Its a good choice for a first transceiver and to have a general listen 
> Rich

John. Ch.
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