[chirp_users] New Daily Build

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Mon Dec 21 10:03:59 PST 2020

> It has been reported that the models supported by the anytone778uv.py
> driver module are missing from today's build. I have verified this and
> they are gone. Reverting back to the previous build restores them.
> The missing radios are still available when running "chirpw" from the
> up-to-date chirp.hg folder of my Windows 7 CHIRP development computer.
> Could this be somehow related to the "future module" since this driver
> module requires it?

Nothing has changed in this module in today's build, meaning nothing should be different from this vs. the last build. Sounds like it's just missing from the windows installer-based build? Anything in the debug log during chirp startup? I'll have to get my hands on a windows machine to try to reproduce and debug,  but nothing stands out as a likely reason.


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