[chirp_users] can't upload to 2200H with Mac

glenmac glenmac at seanet.com
Thu Apr 30 10:47:01 PDT 2020

thanks for creating a cross platform program! But, I’m having a consistent problem programming my iCom 2200H.

2018 MacBookPro, OS 10.14.6
IOGear USB to Serial converter GUC232A, driver ATEN

ls /dev/cu*
4/26/20 results

Updated the IOGear converter driver from 1.6.0 to 1.6.2
com.aten.driver.PL2303 (1.6.0)   
Fresh install of KK7DS Python
Updated to Chirp-unified-daily-20200430

Selecting UC232A for com port

downloading, then immediately uploading starts the clone then stalls at 1/3 of progress bar.  
Hitting cancel in the Clone Progress dialog generates the Beach Ball of Death until force quit.  
After force quit, Chirp won’t restart unless I reboot.  The icon just bounces in the dock.  

installed the Prolific driver, with still same issue.
The 2200H is reading “CL IN”

Any suggestions to resolve this?

Glen MacDonald

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