[chirp_users] Python 3

Tate KA7O ka7o at casperarc.net
Wed Apr 29 16:52:52 PDT 2020

Being eager can bite ya in the, uh, yea....

So, like a dummy, without reading up first, I updated my primary
workstation to Fedora 32. Now that Python2 isn't even a mainline option in
F-32, I'm eager for a Python3 variant of Chrip.

I found this:  https://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/Linux_Python3

Doesn't work here. Seems all the drivers have multiple syntax errors for

I know it's a work in progress - and one day it'll be available - any
rumors or rumors of news in the mean time?


Casper ARC - W7VNJ
www.casperarc.net <http://casperarc.net>
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