[chirp_users] Recommendations on "under $400.00" hand-held

David Ranch chirp at trinnet.net
Wed Apr 22 18:30:57 PDT 2020

$400 for an HT these days will buy you a lot of radio.  As such, you 
need to give us more criteria to help guide you:

    - Are you only looking for an analog FM radio or something that 
supports digital modes?

       - If also digital modes, would you want DMR, Yaesu System Fusion, 
D-star, P25, etc?

    - If just analog FM, would you want just one VFO or two real VFOs 
(dual watch)

       - Would you want full duplex support?

    - Would you want wide band receive of say HF, SHF, etc?  Maybe RX of 
other modes like USB, LSB, CW, etc?

    - Would you want APRS on this HT?

    - What about say Bluetooth audio?

    - Is programming via Chirp a requirement?  If not, is computer based 
programming a requirement?  If so, what OS?  WIndows, Mac, Linux?

I can keep going here but I think you get the point.


On 04/21/2020 06:34 AM, Bret Goodfellow wrote:
> Hello Friends,
> I am using an 8 year old radio, Wouxun KG-UV3D.  It’s worked well for my limited use.  I’m looking to get a new hand-held radio under $400.  Any suggestions on radios not made in China?  Suggestions on Chinese radios?
> Thanks for your expertise!
> Deuce
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