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Actually, the Radio Shack HTX-202s were manufactured by a Korean Company named Maxon.

The design was based on the Icom IC-2AT which Tandy bought and then modified.

Maxon was known for their lack of quality control.

That being said, both the HTX-202 and the HTX-404 were great radios.

I too still have my HTX-202.

73 - Bill KA8VIT

> On April 21, 2020 at 4:32 PM NE1EE - Rich <NE1EE at hotmail.com> wrote:
> On 2020-04-21 23:12:+0300, you wrote:>I am still using my motorola maxtrac that was manufactured in the 70's!!
> There is something to be said for not upgrading unless you want to, and then there is the attraction of some of the newer inexpensive gear. But I still use my Radio Shack HTX-202 (1990s?). Bought it new, and don't regret it. RS made some good, if unattractive, gear. It is a solid performer, but old enough that it does not play well with the new radio management software. I still use it for dedicated ops, like and APRS & up/downlink for high alt balloon missions. That way I don't tie up another radio for that, and I can count on its solid signal to control the instrument package @ 35km. But I admit that my BaoFeng are great for supporting local volunteer ops, especially when I can exchange an event-specific chirp image with the group, and we can all be on the same page. I just cart along my laptop, and sync all our radios.

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