[chirp_users] CHIRP on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and WINE

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But it's not unfortunately. 2.7.18 was just a re-release of 2.7.16 from 4 Mar 2019. 2.7.18's only purpose was to share the first few numbers from Euler's constant. (silly programmers)



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It's listed under Active Python Releases and the latest version 2.7.18 was released April 20th 2020.
That makes it still current and supported.

> On 20 April 2020 at 20:46 Tom Consodine <nd5y at yahoo.com> wrote:
> If it's under development then why does it say this?
> 2.7 Maintenance status end-of-life   First released 2010-07-03   End of
> support  2020-01-01
> Tom ND5Y
> On 4/20/20 7:18 PM, Nigel A. Gunn G8IFF/W8IFF wrote:
> > No. Python 2.7 is still under active development. You might just need to install it if your distro vendor doesn't.
> > It's here:  https://www.python.org/downloads/

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