[chirp_users] Baofeng A58S tri-band

Nick G4IRX g4irx9 at nowindows.net
Wed Sep 25 05:52:33 PDT 2019


I Eventually got Chirp with the Baofeng A58 configuration to read the radio. I also found some older Chinese Windows  A58 software that worked. There were other issues with the radio such as low TX power so I returned to to the Ebay seller for a refund and I haven't been brave enough to try one of the other cheap triple band sets  yet.


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I have been following this thread, because, like you, I have one of these Baofeng A58 S radios.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to find ANY software that will let me read or write to the radio.

What success have you had?  If you found a version of the OEM software that will let you work with this HT, where did you find it?

Mike, WB4TTZ

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>Thanks for all your help Jim,  I think next step is to try writing to 
>the radio then and see if I can break it. If I do, it's not a great 
>financial loss.
>I also discovered that the you guys managed to include the KG-UV9Dplus 
>in recent builds which is great news and it means that I don't need to 
>have the Wouxun software installed any longer. This project never ceases 
>to amaze me!
>73, Nick.
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