[chirp_users] Leixen VV-898S

Dave C cavanadd at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 16:38:45 PDT 2019

I just received the above radio and am having a bit of trouble with the 
way CHIRP (or the radio) is handling the channels after programming.  
The radio seems to work fine, the programming cable connected right away 
without any driver drama, and the factory software even loaded up and 
will upload and download to and from the radio, but it's otherwise 
mostly useless**.  Chirp seems to work fine as well as far as reading 
and writing to the radio, and I was able to import UV-5R files without 
any problem.  The problem I'm having is the order of the channels is 
scrambled when uploading or downloading.  I THINK it has something to do 
with the separate A and B memory banks.  I made sure I selected the "A" 
bank on the Settings screen,  but it still seems to scramble the 
channels.  Earlier today I manually entered twelve local repeaters and 
numbered them channels 1 through 12, all in Bank A, but when I 
downloaded the radio to CHIRP, the #1 channel was now #4.  I also 
deliberately didn't give any of the manually entered channels names, but 
there were channels with names scattered in with the other unnamed 
channels, apparently from Bank B.

If anyone has any ideas I'd like to hear them.

** The factory software has two separate screens for Bank A and B, and 
seems to work fine moving files to and from the radio.  The problem is I 
can't see any way to enter repeater offset frequencies or -/+ values; 
apparently it's necessary to calculate and enter offsets manually.


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