[chirp_users] Zastone A-19 HT

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Load your ‘Radio’ software (that’s the name of the program folks, sorry)

Select the 5th item on the top bar, that will give you a drop down; select the top item in the drop down.

That will give you a pop-up with two selections in Chinese – the top one is English, the second is simplified Chinese.

Select the top item, then the left button (save) and you’ll magically be in English.

//al KG5HEJ



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Click on each item going across the menu bar and see if one of them is to set the language.


On Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 5:03 PM wa6dij <wa6dij at gmail.com <mailto:wa6dij at gmail.com> > wrote:

Is there a method to program a Zastone A-19 HT. All I can find from the vendor is in Chinese and I am unable to use it.


Jim Tripp / WA6DIJ

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