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Thanks Tony,
	Not having the cable attached was the key.  Didn't know that.
Thanks.  Didn't find that in the instructions.
	Didn't know that was not legal.  Have to use them differently than I
had envisioned.   Puzzling that the FCC allowed them to be made that way.

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Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2019 22:28:47 +0000
From: Tony Fuller <GoldStar611 at hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: [chirp_users] Working get my Baofeng UV5R
To: Discussion of CHIRP <chirp_users at intrepid.danplanet.com>
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Legalities aside (those emails will come through soon enough) have you
determined if you actually have the right ToneSql selected?
Number 5 on the talkabout radio probably does not correspond to the 5th tone
in the drop down box. Google is your friend here.

Also, FRS is narrow band FM if I recall correctly.


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