[chirp_users] Problems with PMR446 frequencies

Ulrich Heidenreich chirp at tremornet.de
Wed Sep 4 09:36:18 PDT 2019

At first many thanks for the good work the delevopers have done
programming that chirp'y thing. It works fine till today.

I just wanted to move a block of PMR446 fequencies, which I have
sucessfully entered in my YAESU VX6 and then uploaded it from the radio
to chirp. But chirp refuses to cut (that works) and paste (that doesn't
work) these frequencies from one to another location:

It says, this frequencies requires a 6,25 kHz step which is not
supported by the radio. That's correct though, because the step really
is 12,5 kHz and supported. But the first channel ist shifted by 6,25 kHz
as if there seemes to be a 6,25 kHz frequency grid: 

446,00625 MHz
446,01875 MHz
446,03125 MHz
… and so on

Obviously that plays a trick on chirp, so it won't write such

Do I have a chance other than program these 16 channels anew at another
location in the radio and upload them again?

As I'm german and my english isn't quite good, excuse my bad english and
answer in simply english too, please.

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