[chirp_users] Working get my Baofeng UV5R

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Legalities aside (those emails will come through soon enough) have you determined if you actually have the right ToneSql selected?
Number 5 on the talkabout radio probably does not correspond to the 5th tone in the drop down box. Google is your friend here.

Also, FRS is narrow band FM if I recall correctly.


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Trying I'm trying to get my Baofeng UV5R to talk to my Motorola TalkAbout FRS radio.  Initially trying on Channel 5 and security code 5, Frequency 462.6625 and CTCSS 79.7.
The light on the Baofeng lights up indicating incoming signal when the Talkabout is keyed.  The Talkabout gets a loud noise when the Baofeng is keyed.  However, no talk is heard on either.
Attached is a screen shot of the current CHIRP set up.
Any suggestions?


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