[chirp_users] Elementary help for novice requested!

Jim Unroe
Fri May 31 04:42:51 PDT 2019

Hi David,

> I've just bought a Baofeng UV-5R III and I'd like to use it for marine vhf and 2m and 70cm amateur bands. I've held a ham license since the 1980s but have been inactive for many years.

Welcome back to the hobby.

> I've succeeded with "Download from radio".

This is the recommended first step. This creates a tab that is
compatible with your radio. After downloading from your radio the tab
name will be "Baofeng UV-5R: (Untitled)*". All tabs compatible with
your radio must begin with "Baofeng UV-5R: " to be compatible with
your radio.

The first successful download should be saved, unedited, to a CHIRP
Radio Images (*.img) file to be kept in a safe as a backup.

> I've also opened a new page to "Import from stock config" to open FR marine vhf.

"File" -> "New" -> "Radio" -> "Import from stock config" -> "FR Marine
VHF Channels"

creates a tab named "Generic CSV: Untitled.csv*". Being a "Generic
CSV" it not compatible with any particular radio.

> I can't seem to be able to "File; save" or "File; save as"?

Where are you trying to save the file? Do you have sufficient
permissions to save in this area?

You will need to provide more information here. What error messages
are you seeing? Which operating system you are using? Etcetera.

> When I'm on the marine vhf page, I can not "upload to radio" The text is greyed out?

As mentioned above, a CSV file is generic and cannot be directly
uploaded to a radio. This is why "Upload to radio" is greyed out when
such a tab is selected.

What you have to do is import the "FR Marine VHF Channels" data into a
tab that is compatible with your radio.

Another method would be to open a new tab with the stock config file's
data along with a another tab that is compatible from your radio
(either freshly downloaded from your radio or loaded from an existing
file that was previously downloaded from your radio).

"File" -> "Open stock config" -> "FR Marine VHF Channels"

Then you can copy-and-paste memory rows as desired from the "Generic
CSV: " tab to the "Baofeng UV-5R: " tab.

> All help gratefully received!
> Many thanks
> David, G4PYH
> Cheshire, UK


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