[chirp_users] UV-82HP display question

Dan Jolley
Fri May 17 18:11:44 PDT 2019

John, is that UV-5X3 set up like that normally, or do you have to configure it with Chirp or the Menu settings?
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BaoFeng has one radio that will sync display (shows memory tag name, and frequency) - the UV-5X3, which is a tri-bander (144/220/440).

John, W9APX

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You can't do that.
It's impossible to do that either with Chirp or from the radio keypad.
The UV-82 is not capable of syncing the displays.

Tom ND5Y

> Now here's where I get lost.  If you scroll up
> or down, the two won't match.  And if you scan, you'll be way off.  How
> do you keep 'em in sync?   Chris Knowles, N1CAK
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