[chirp_users] Updated - In reference to Bug # 5027 - New Baofeng BF-888s started in English, but after being programmed they got stuck on Chinese and couldn't change back to English.

Dan Jolley
Sat May 11 04:36:13 PDT 2019

Update May 11, 2019 - I got in touch with Amazon Product Support and they had a new BF-888s PDF Manual to download. I got to the part that said "ON CHANNEL 15, PRESS AND HOLD THE PTT AND MONI BUTTONS WHILE SWITCHING ON THE TRANSEIVER TO CHANGE THE VOICE PROMPT LANGUAGE (CHI / ENG)".

I loaded the original Chinese image in English, then I loaded an image that I knew was already in English, but it was in Chinese. After doing the instructions, the image went back to English. So all the things I tried were in vain.

I went back and read the BF-888s manual from 2016 and those instructions were there too, but I missed it. But I figured you guys already knew about it. I just thought I'd pass this along to others who did not know about it.

Dan Jolley
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