[chirp_users] Raspberry Pi update Chirp

Jim Unroe
Fri May 3 22:37:14 PDT 2019

On Sat, May 4, 2019 at 12:52 AM Scott Raines <TRUCK28ENG at live.com> wrote:
> “I for one don’t understand your question. “
> Well, when Chirp is updated and, is offered for all of us to install, as a new version, I, like many, take advantage of that new version by downloading it to my computer. Well, where I download it to, there are already, many older versions of Chirp, that had been previously down loaded, as 8 of them, in my case. All I’m asking is, can I delete the older versions and just keep the most recent one? And, will deleting any of the older versions, cause any harm to any of the files I’ve created for programming of my radios?
> Scott
Hi Scott

If you are talking the installer file for Windows (for example
chirp-daily-20190429-installer.exe), you don't have to keep any of
them. Once you double-clicked the file to upgrade the previous version
and tested CHIRP to make sure the upgrade completed successfully, then
you can delete the installer. If you need it again you can always back
and download it (or currently any daily build as far back as January
2017) again.



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