[chirp_users] Programming Yaesu Radios using CHIRP

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ALWAYS download from the radio first, then modify the programming. That way you shouldn’t overwrite vital parameters. As far as copying to another radio, read the destination radio, open the new file in a separate window, then copy and paste to the destination radio. 

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> On Mar 27, 2019, at 21:51, Silverfox <alan.r.hill at gmail.com> wrote:
> Never had any problems with programming Yaesu radios and have programmed several dozens of them.  However, today I did experience something odd.  I was using a portable and hooked up a ICOM 91E and a Powerwerx mobile with the intent of copying the info from the ICOM to the mobile.  The radios were on different COM ports and the ICOM differs from the mobile in that it is dynamically programmed. While downloading from the ICOM the Powerwerx kept beeping intermittently as though it was receiving information from the computer.
> I have no idea why or how but I eventually unplugged the mobile.  The download of the ICOM did not work correctly.  I was using the latest daily software for Windows.
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> Subject: [chirp_users] Programming Yaesu Radios using CHIRP
> Has anyone had a problem programming a Yaesu radio with CHIRP?
> Someone mentioned that their Yaesu was damaged and had to be sent to the factory because CHIRP had overwritten some code controlling the processor.  It also had to be re-flashed.
> Since I don't fully understand how CHIRP works this doesn't make sense to me, but knowing manufacturing companies, they may share Channel Memory with processor memory and not think much about it.
> Thanks for your information.
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