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Hi Todd,

> I just got a Baofeng UV-5R from Amazon. It shows Firmware Version BFB298

BFB298 traditionally indicates the radio is a VHF/220 model.

> The Baofeng OEM software Reads and writes fine to the radio with this cable.

Does the VIP version read and write the Welcome Message?

> Chrip 03/14/19 gives the following error ?Radio refused to send second block 0x1f00?

The radio is refusing to send CHIRP the "aux memory" where the Welcome
Message, band limits and squelch thresholds are stored.

> Any ideas as to what may be going on here

Sounds like a hardware/firmware issue.


Hi Jim

I am using the universal programmer (new_old) and it does not give the startup message nor will it let me edit the frequency range of the radio. It also doesn't report the firmware version. All I have is from pushing the 3 button when turning it on which doesn't really report the proper number anymore from what I have read.

Guess I can try one of the other versions.

I was hoping there was a work around

73 and thanks,
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