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Dan Clemmensen danclemmensen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 10:21:38 PDT 2019

Amerigo, I don't completely understand your question. CHIRP is not a
subsisitute for RMS (Winlink) software. Instead, CHIRP replaces or augments
the Yaesu programming software for for your radio. You can possibly
(probably) run your RMS Windows software on your Linux Mint system by
running it under Wine, and you can almost certainly run the Yaesu software
under Wine.

If you are asking about support for the FT-991 within CHIRP, then sorry,
it's not there. CHIRP is Open Source software written entirely by unpaid
volunteers who like to program and who like Ham radio. Each radio type
needs to be separately analysed and a driver program written for it. The
volunteer will need physical access to a radio to perform the analysis, and
will need an absolute minimum of (say) 10 hours of work.  A volunteer who
can do this in 10 hours can probably make more than $200/hr on a paid
contract, so clearly this must be a "labor of love". Mere mortals will take
longer than 10 hours. My guess is that in general a volunteer might program
a CHIRP driver for a radio that they have chosen to use themselves, but are
less likely to program for some random new radio unless there is a change
that the new radio turns out to just need a minor modification or
adaptation of an existing driver.

Speaking personally, I am a new CHIRP developer (and a new Ham). I
purchased a Yeasu FT-4 before I had even heard of CHIRP, and was unhappy
because I later discovered that CHIRP would be highly desirable in my
application but the radio was unsupported. So, I wrote a CHIRP driver for
it, and incidentally also for the FT-65, since they are very, very
similar.  It's been a whole lot of fun, but it took multiple weeks of
effort. From a purely financial perspective, it would have made far more
sense to just buy a supported radio or even go out and get a 1-week
programming gig and then go buy an even more expensive radio.

If you have any programming experience, Please consider trying to write a
driver. It's really quite fun. Even if you don't have programming
experience, you might want to try to do an initial analysis if the
protocol, using some variation of the techniques described at :

On Thu, Mar 14, 2019 at 10:51 PM americo aldighieri <americo at aldighieri.ch>

> dear all,
> my name is amerigo, my QTH ist Tuggen / Switzerland. Ing. Informatic and
> Electronic
> since 2 week all my systems are running under Linux Mint 19.1 , so far ,
> so good.
> my problem is now the chirp for program the Yaesu FT-991 via Cat ( USB-USB
> ), under Windows 10 with RMS Software no problem, in the actual chirp
> version i did not can choose the FT-991 from the dropdown list.
> is there anybody, who can help me?
> Asus Z87-Pro MB with 32GB RAM, Quadcore Intel i47xx, 120GB SSD and more
> Linux Mint Version 19.1 with latest patches installed
> the command "lsusb" show that the Cygnal Integrated Product CP210x UART
> Bridge succesfully activ with Device 014
> best regards from tuggen
> amerigo , hb9gii , 73
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