[chirp_users] changing a field

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 13:32:01 PST 2019

> In my Baofeng CSV file, one of the NOAA weather channels is showing "high instead of off for power.
> I tried to copy an off field from another power field and paste it into the problem field, but it did not work.

There is no column for "Power" in a CSV file. It only contains data
for settings that are common across radio models. The frequencies and
selective squelch values are common across most radios. Power levels
are not.

You must have made an error copying the field.

> What is the procedure for changing values like this?

The simplest way to do it and get it right would be to change it as
needed in the CHIRP spreadsheet style memory editor and then export it
back out to a CSV file. This is also a good way to see what a properly
formatted memory row should look like for different kinds of setups.

If TX is disabled (Duplex = off), it doesn't matter if power is high
or low. But say you imported all of the NOAA WX frequencies to have
available when you travel. Once they have been imported you will want
to disable TX on them all. Take the mouse and click on the row
containing the 1st NOAA frequency (162.550000) to highlight it. Now
shift-click the last row of the of the NOAA frequencies (163.275000)
to highlight all 10 rows. Now you can click the [Properties] button at
the top of the spreadsheet style memory editor (an alternate method
would be to right-click one of the rows and choose "Properties" from
the menu that pops up). No with the "Memory Properties" menu showing
tick the box to the left of Duplex to enable the setting. Click the
Duplex setting and choose "off" from the drop down list. Finally click
the [OK] button to accept the changes. Not all ten NOAA memory rows
have TX disable (if your radio support disabling TX).



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