[chirp_users] New Daily Build

Dan Smith dsmith at danplanet.com
Sat Mar 9 10:55:48 PST 2019

> I used today's build to replace my currently installed CHIRP from
> December 2017 in my Windows 7 Home 64bit physical PC. It is definitely
> different and installed without a hitch.
> After installing, I used Control Panel to remove CHIRP. Both the CHIRP
> folder in "\Program Files (x86)"  and the CHIRP folder
> "%AppData%\Roaming" were removed.
> Launching CHIRP after installing it again caused the notice about
> "Error reporting" to be displayed (as it should for a clean install).

Awesome, thanks very much for the detailed report! I might consider trying to get the uninstaller to allow an option for removing the config (so you can leave it if you want) at some point. However, since you don't have to uninstall chirp to upgrade, the uninstaller really should only be needed for a full cleaning of the system and/or to diagnose issues like a corrupted config file.

Thanks Jim!


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