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Jardy jardy72 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 28 19:16:15 PDT 2019

Use Device Manager to check if your cable shows up under Ports. If it does, it will say which Comm Port to use. Then check under Driver. This will tell you if you have a FTDI cable or a Prolific cable, and what driver version is loaded. Unfortunately, most Prolific cables actually have a fake Prolific chip in them. The cables work just fine if you roll back your driver to More info can be found at www.miklor.com under drivers. 

This web site is a very good reference to the Baofeng radios a a bunch of others, too. Spend some time on the website to learn all kinds of things when it comes to radios. You do not need to buy a FTDI cable if you know what to do with a Prolific cable. 

Jardy Dawson WA7JRD
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> On Jun 28, 2019, at 17:12, John Ulrich <shamrockrabbit at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I haven’t used my UV-5R or the old PC used for it’s programming in some time.  I decided to download CHIRP to my Windows 10 PC and bring the UV-5R back to life.   After connection, CHIRP asks you to fill in the empty box with a port number.  I thought it would be something like Com3 or Com4.  Nope.  I get error message 3, saying no such location.  
> I’m sure this is a newbie issue but I can’t find a solution.  Anything to do with Windows 10?
> Thanks,
> John W6LRM
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