[chirp_users] How can I use Chirp to re-use One Master File for multiple Radio Brands & Models?

D.J.J. Ring, Jr. n1ea at arrl.net
Mon Jun 24 07:37:48 PDT 2019

Good news, Dan - for Windows users that is.

Gnumeric is now available for Windows 10.

If you want some software that's fast, I recommend Gnumeric and Abiword.
Very small size programs but do what most people need to do, and they work
very fast.

Hmmm, just like CHIRP.  Fast and useful.


On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 10:31 AM Dan Clemmensen <danclemmensen at gmail.com>

> Visicalc was first. It was the killer app for use of the PC in the office.
> There is no need to pay for a fancy spreadheet to use CHIRP. They are
> bloated and complicated. I am a free software fanatic, so I use Gnumeric.
> It has all the capabilities you need for use with CHIRP (and pretty much
> anything else). I'm a Linux user. Unfortunately for Windows user, new
> versions do not run on Windows.
> If I were forced to use Windows or some other strange platform, I would
> use Google Sheets.
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