[chirp_users] Rules, Radio capabilities, and CHIRP capabilities

Dan Clemmensen danclemmensen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 07:19:25 PDT 2019

Colleagues: Our community is interested in three different things, and I
feel we need to do a better job of separating them, because different folks
have different situations.

Rules: we are not all US Hams. Some are not US and some are not Hams. the
rules and regulations differ by jurisdiction and depend on both the
hardware you are using and the licences you hold. It may (or may not) be
useful to comment on the rules, but when you do, please make sure you
mention which jurisdiction, licence, and hardware.

Radio capabilities: Each radio has its own hardware capabilities. Some of
these capabilities interact with the rules in some jurisdictions, and
sometimes rules change. There is no reason we cannot discuss hardware
capabilities independently of the rules, since those capabilities are still
usable in some jurisdictions and/or to some users under some circumstances.

CHIRP capabilities: Hey, this is the CHIRP user group! We can and should
discuss any CHIRP capabilities that may be usable by some CHIRP users in
some situations. It is the responsibility of each user to understand the
governing rules. It is not the responsibility of the CHIRP software or the
CHIRP user community to attempt to enforce these rules, especially since
the rules you are trying to enforce may not be applicable to the users you
are addressing. A brief sentence to note that a particular capability may
violate a rule in a particular situation may be acceptable if it becomes
obvious that the user might need the reminder.

(Thanks for your attention. I will get down off of my soapbox now.)
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