[chirp_users] new update causes saved frequency 1 to populate all frequency windows

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Sun Jun 16 13:20:04 PDT 2019

On Sun, Jun 16, 2019 at 1:57 PM Todd J. Unkefer <tunkefer at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just updated to the new version of chirp today, 16JUN2019. I download saved from radio, edit saved, upload to radio, as I have done 100 times or more. I have 20 saved. I deleted #1, then all frequencies changed to match my 2nd saved frequency. No matter what my first saved frequency is, it overrides all other frequencies in saved and changes ALL frequencies to match what is in the first saved frequency box. The name label fields don’t change at all, but the frequency field does. What can I do to stop this override so all boxes don’t populate with the same frequency? This is maddening.
Hi Todd,

Are you a Baofeng type radio user? If yes, are you mistakenly thinking
that the the top (A) and bottom (B) display lines are linked together.
They are independent of one another and cannot be automatically linked

For example, lets say you have the Memory Display Format (MDF) of the
top display line (menu 21/MDF-A) set to NAME and the MDF of the bottom
display line (menu 22/MDF-B) set to FREQ. With the A display line
selected (the black triangle shaped cursor is to the left in the top
display line), then scrolling through channels only scrolls through
the 20 channels of the A display line. The channel number selected in
the B display line will not change (so neither will the frequency).

Many Baofeng owners mistakenly think the 2 display lines are somehow
automatically linked and mistake the unchanging frequency of the B
display line as an indication of the frequency for all of the channels
of the A display line being the same. This is not the case. It is just
the selected bottom channel is not changing (watch the changing of the
tiny channel numbers to the right of the NAME/FREQ display of each
display line as the A display is scrolled) so the frequency displayed
will not change either. Another test would be to set MDF-A to FREQ and
scroll through the channels.

If you want them to both display lines to be set to the same channel
number, you must manually select the same channel number in each
display line. If you want a Baofeng like radio that can automatically
SYNC the A and B display lines to the same channel number, you would
have to look the tri-band BTech UV-5X3 sold by Baofeng Tech (the radio
dealer in the USA). The cheaper tri-band Baofeng/Radioddity UV-5RX3
(and variants) do not have the SYNC feature.

If this is not your issue, then more details about the issue will be
required (which radio are you programming, provide before and after
images, etc).


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