[chirp_users] BF888 Settings tab items not saved

Barry Jackson zen25000 at zen.co.uk
Sun Jun 9 08:09:27 PDT 2019

Has anyone had an issue with Baofeng 888 items on the settings tab (not 
memories) not being saved on upload?

I am primarily trying to disable voice prompts, however after editing 
the downloaded image and uploading it, the next time I download it, the 
setting has reverted (or was never saved).

Editing the hex in the browser produces the same result. Does anyone 
know the significance of the red highlighted values?

Chirp version is CHIRP daily-20190412 and I see nothing in the change 
log since then related to the BF888.

One thing I notice is that the progress bar on upload moves very quickly 
after about half way, whereas the download is at a steady rate, which 
makes me wonder if it skips part of the upload.

Cable is a marked up as Baofeng and is regularly used with the UV5R 
without problems.

OS is Mageia Linux using our official package which is maintained by me.

Any ideas welcome.


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