[chirp_users] Adding 2m and 70cm repeaters

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Sun Jun 9 03:20:33 PDT 2019

On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 5:02 AM David <davidp.jackson at hotmail.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> You guys were incredibly helpful recently in getting me started.  I've now successfully uploaded marine VHF, 2m and 70cm simplex channels to my Baofeng UV-5R III, thanks again.
> I'm now having a few problems in adding repeaters and I hope you can similarly help.
> I have a CHIRP file for relevant UK repeaters.  I'm guessing that they are from an older version of CHIRP as some of the column headings are different.
> I'm manually entering the info.  All ok except these. The (old) file of repeaters shows these columns:  Tone. rToneFreq. cToneFreq. DtcsCode. DtcsPolarity. Tstep
> I'm trying to enter:-
> Tone, always Tone
> rToneFreq, either 110.9, 82.5 or 103.5.
> cToneFreq, always 88.5
> DtcsCode, always 23
> DtcsPolarity, always NN
> My version of CHIRP isn't quite the same.  Here are my issues.
> In CHIRP, I populate Tone Mode to Tone.  My next 2 columns are Tone and Tone Sql.  I seem only able to enter one of these columns as when I enter the second it automatically changes the previous Tone Mode to another preset.  Simialrly, the Tone Mode autochanges when I try to populate any of the DTCS Code, DTC Rx Code and Cross Mode.
> Hopefully, I've explained the issue clearly. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong.
> Thanks in advance
> Kind regards
> David

Hi David,

It appears that you may be looking at a CSV file. If it is a valid
CHIRP CSV file you should be able to "Import" it into a tab that is
compatible with your radio. An alternative would be to import file
into a "New" generic tab which would allow you to copy and paste the
rows into a tab that is compatible with your radio. Whichever is the
most convenient for you.

But to answer your question, the Tone column in your file is
equivalent to the Tone Mode column of the CHIRP spreadsheet style
memory editor. When Tone Mode is set to "Tone", only the Tone field is
used in the editor. The other fields (ToneSq, DTCS Code, DTCS Rx Code,
DTCS Pol and Cross Mode) are blank (when "Hide Unused Fields" is
enabled) and are currently unused/ignored by CHIRP. When you try to
put something on one of the "blank"(unused/ignored) fields, the CHIRP
"Smart Tone Modes" thinks you've changed your mind about and tries to
"guess" the correct Tone Mode based on the fields that you've just
entered a value into.

So back to your file. With the Tone column set to Tone, then only the
rToneFreq (Tone) is going to be used by CHIRP in the editor. The
cToneFreq (ToneSql), DtcsCode (DTCS Code) and DtcsPolarity (DTCS Pol)
fields will be ignored by CHIRP and should be ignored by you.

So once you set Tone Mode to Tone and entered the CTCSS frequency into
the Tone field, stop. The remaining fields pertaining to selective
squelch should remain blank.

You might take a look at the column guides linked to here for more information:


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