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Cori Rice kf7vzz at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 13:26:21 PDT 2019

*From: John HigbyIs there a way to change the LOC number/order in an downloaded document (Yaesu VX-3R) via Chirp ?

My Frequencies are in a random order. I would like them in ascending order.


John,I noticed in my version of chirp (only a week old) I can highlight a row by clicking on the row header, right click and select move up or move down one row at a time. The same can be done from the keyboard using Ctrl+up or Ctrl+down, for several rows at a time, and you can use shift to select several rows.
Often if you use Excel and try to sort based on one value, it will ask if you want to extend the selection, but it doesn't always sort the entire row.  
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