[chirp_users] Yaesu 3200D and RT Systems cable problem

John La Johnla at usa.net
Fri Jul 26 09:17:52 PDT 2019

Is it possible the RT cable is proprietary to their software only?

John K3NXU

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I have an RT Systems Yaesu programming cable for a Yaesu FT-1900 
two-meter mobile radio that fits my new FTM-3200D radio.  I installed 
the latest Chirp, as of today, and it knows about the FT-3200D.  I 
plugged the cable into the computer USB and the radio microphone jack. 
By trial and error, I discovered that the FTM-3200D goes into CLONE mode 
by holding in SETUP and then turning it on.  Also, by trial and error, I 
found that the FTM-3200D went into TRANSMIT mode to the computer by 
starting the Chirp Download from Radio, and then pressing REV on the 
FT-3200, whereupon the radio went to TX mode and began to count up, and 
Chirp also showed that it was downloading data.  The process finished, 
the radio went back to CLONE,  but Chirp returned a checksum error.  
Chirp does not display any radio data after the failure.  To sum up, the 
radio is happy that it spoke to Chirp, but Chirp is not happy with what 
it heard, probably at the end of the exchange.

Does anyone know how I can get past this error message?

Thank you and 73,

Jan, KX2A

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