[chirp_users] Error setting memory - out of supported range [Baofeng]

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 09:32:10 PDT 2019

> When I programmed in this frequency, I wanted to disable transmission
> so that I didn't accidentally transmit by mistake.  I found some
> instructions online that suggested setting the split such that the
> transmission frequency ends up in a band that the radio cannot transmit
> on, and this indeed works - should I try to transmit the radio beeps
> with an error (if beeps are enabled) and no transmission occurs.

This is only valid if you are only going to manual program your radio.
CHIRP checks to make sure that both the RX frequency and TX frequency
are within the capability of the radio.

> I have now successfully downloaded all my programmed channels into
> Chirp, including those with invalid splits, and I can upload them back
> to the device as well, with the invalid splits being left unchanged.
> However it won't let me assign names to the channels having these out
> of range splits because the above error comes up.

You can't edit invalidly programmed channels. You have to "fix" the errors.

> Is there any way I can tell Chirp that this isn't an error, and the
> frequency is intentionally out of range to prevent accidental
> transmission, and to accept the name of the channel I am trying to set?

No. What you have to do is switch to the method that CHIRP uses to
inhibit TX on a memory channel of these radios. That would be to set
the Duplex field to "off". After doing this, you should then be able
to edit the Names as desired.


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