[chirp_users] Problem with CHIRP under Ubuntu Linux

Jim Unroe rock.unroe at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 10:16:29 PST 2019

Are you sure your TYT programming cable isn't for a DMR radio? My TYT
programming cable is wired straight through (no UART inside) because that
is handled internally by the radio itself. This programming cable will not
work for most radios supported by CHIRP.


On Sun, Jan 13, 2019, 12:21 PM Pat Anderson <anderson5420 at gmail.com wrote:

> I have CHIRP installed on an Asus C302  Chromebook with Ubuntu 16.04
> (Xenial)  installed with crouton, I live in Washington State but am in
> Arizona for the winter, and just bought another BaoFeng UV-5R to use here
> ($24.99 on Amaqzon, how could I not). I had no programming cable, so I
> borrowed one from a friend here at the RV Park, it is a labelled "TYT." I
> also have a 2011 MacBook Pro with CHIRP installed which I have used
> successfully many times before. What is happening is that when I connect
> the BaoFeng via the cable (turned off), and go toe "Download from Radio," I
> can put "BaoFeng" and" UV-5R" in the dialog box from the dropdown lists but
> the in Port dialog, nothing shows up.  Naturally, when I turn the radio on
> and press the button to download, it gives a "Device not found" error.
> There is a /dev/tty file that I have CHMODed to 777, and I tried typing
> "/dev/tty" in the box same error. The cable is pushed fully into the radio,
> so that is not the problem. When I connect to the MacBook, and do the same
> thing, the only device that shows up is the Bluetooth device.
> I have deduced it must be the cable. I have several programming cables
> back home that I know work - and they were cheap generic cables that would
> make Windows choke (fake Prolific chips). I don't want to buy a cable on
> Amazon or Cheapham without knowing whether it will work or not.I don't know
> if Linux cares about the chip. I don't think MacOS cares.
> What cable would you recommend, or what else could I try in Ubuntu if it
> is not the cable?
> Thanks!
> Pat Anderson
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