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Re: 2m & 70 cm UK frequency lists for initial programming
      (Sarvapala Colin Locock)

Colin M7CFL

Visit the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) website.  All Repeater lists and details are fully up to date.  Simplex frequencies and are also listed.  The RAYNET (in North America we call it ARES) simplex, repeaters & usage rules/allocations are there also and widely in use for emergency traffic and training.  Remember the UK/EU Band allocations are very different to North America.  Also ALL transmissions 6m/2m/70cm/23cm are in Narrow FM mode only.  All repeaters use Tone Squelch.  This avoids any interference with the EU repeaters which by the way operate in the reverse repeater offsets to the UK to avoid cross border/country channel interference issues.

North American operators visiting the UK/EU when overseas should note their radio allocations.  Our radios as built have a wider band Tx range which is not allowed there.  One good example is our 6m FM calling channel 52.525 MHz.  In the UK/EU it is 51.510 MHz FM narrow mode.  No transmissions over 52.000 MHz are allowed as it is allocated for the lower TV band.  Same for Asia/Australia/New Zealand.

When travelling always check local Clubs for each countries rules.  Some countries in the Caribbean (for example) require a temporary call sign issued well in advance and import documents (and fees) for your radio(s).

A side note:  You can use your North American call sign(s) freely for up to 3 months in the UK/EU.  Carry a copy of your license.

Kenneth Strom  VA3KRS
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   1. 2m & 70 cm UK frequency lists for initial programming
      (Sarvapala Colin Locock)


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Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2019 17:12:26 +0000
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Subject: [chirp_users] 2m & 70 cm UK frequency lists for initial
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I'm new to both Amaeur Rdio nd CHIRP! I see that under the file menu
CHIRP list some 'stock frequencies' as well as giving access to external
data sources for repeaters etc.

Is there a 'stock' frequency list for the UK 2m Band that I can get hold
of for the initial setup of my Baofeng GT-5 please?

Also 70 cm would be great too!

Thanks, Colin M7CFL


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