[chirp_users] Tyt 9800 Update

Glenn At Home
Sat Jan 19 16:27:17 PST 2019

Thanks All, I think I got it working.
I tweaked the CSV file, at one point, Open Office took out all the values in the offset column, so I opened another file in Excel that was about the same, and I selected the column and copied it and switched over to the file in Open Office and pasted it in.
Setting it to the defaults helped, because this time when I imported the file, I think, the VHF is on the left and the UHF is on the right.
Not much UHF going on around here to be sure.
I need to learn the buttons on the mic other than the number pad and I know the top switch locks some of the keys, including the two top ones.
It's good to turn those off, as I find myself pressing keys on that thing just by holding it while punching a button.
Anyway,  thanks all for helping me get this far.

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