[chirp_users] Steps To reset the TYT TH-9800

Gary Craig
Sat Jan 19 12:25:32 PST 2019

Here is the Factory Reset Operation:
1. Turn the radio off.
2. Press and hold the LEFT [LOW] key while turning the radio on.  This is the bottom left most key.
3. Rotate the LEFT DIAL (top left knob) to select the resetting menu:
               F-1 SETMOD RESET:  Reset the menu settings to their factory defaults.  Note:  this should be what comes up when you turn the radio on.
               F-2 HYPER RESET:  Clears the Hyper Memory setting to the factory defaults.  First clockwise should get you here.
               F-3 MEMEORY RESET:  Clears the regular Memory settings to factory defaults.  Second clockwise click to get you here.
               F-4 ALL RESET:  Clears all the memories and other settings to factory defaults.  Third clockwise click to get you here.
4. Once you have made your selection in step 3, short press the [SET] key (center bottom key) to complete the reset procedure.

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Before I re-upload my CSV file, that I edited with Open Office, I was wondering if anyone can send me the button steps to reset the radio to its defaults.
I had read some reference to this in the manual, but of course it really did not indicate literally which button for the function key, and how many presses.
With my poking around, and not knowing the buttons, I may have set some things in a way that I don't want.
For example, it seems that all my channels are on the left, and I want them split, I don't know if the radio will do this automatically after I upload my CSV file, but at least I'll be starting with a clean slate.

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