[chirp_users] CHIRP issue to "download from Radio"

Fri Jan 18 09:09:13 PST 2019

Hi there!
Sorry to disturb you with a newbie's problem but FAQ doesn't help me at all, so I have first raise a BUG (#6379) on CHIRP website, but perhaps this is not the best option...
I'm French, and I recently purchase an Baofeng UV-5R on aliexpress, and would like to use CHIRP to modify options, name and frequency of channels.After some difficulties with the cable's driver (with WINDOWS 7), this is now CHIRP that don't want to download the image from my !Even if I put the correct PORT, Vendor (Baofeng) and Model (UV-5R) result is always: "Incorrect 'Model' selected" (But I have an UV-5R!)
I have check some parameters on the Radio if it could help:(Power+3) BF4816N(Power+6) 181016N / B5R0001
CHIRP version is the last one: chirp-daily-20190112

Could you help me understand what is the issue? USB Cables is working with the original Boafeng software (but CHIRP seems to be a best option to edit).
Thank you very much for help.
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