[chirp_users] How do I get extended error report from CHIRP?

D.J.J. Ring, Jr.
Thu Jan 17 13:35:26 PST 2019

On Thu, Jan 17, 2019, 16:34 D.J.J. Ring, Jr. <n1ea at arrl.net wrote:

> How do I get extended debugging info from CHIRP.
> I finally was able to test my USB cable.  My cable is fine.  My Wouxun
> KG-UV8E works fine on Wouxun's Windows software, but does not work on
> CHIRP, either on Windows 10 or Arch Linux.
> I went back to the January 2018 daily build of CHIRP and used the
> module that is for the UV8D Plus kguv8dplus.py and it doesn't work.
> How can I help with this?
> Regards,
> David N1EA
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