[chirp_users] more trouble with CSV file

Glenn At Home
Tue Jan 15 20:38:16 PST 2019

Hi All,
Maybe someone can figure out what I did wrong in my CSV file.
It was working, and I added a 10 meter repeater and two 6 meter repeaters and a 1.25 meter repeater.
It says error on line 169, but it always seems to reference the last line.
The lines in question would be between the left most numbers of 127 and 140.
The repeaters on repeater.com only gave one tone, and I put in the others, the 6 & 10 m, just to keep the fields full.
The one that was given was the 1.25 m repeater, I'll list that one below:
     -1.6 MHz

Thanks for any help.

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