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Hi Bob,
This is very helpful, It's definitely enough for me to maybe come up with some questions.
Thank you very much!

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I threw only a few minutes at this.  I hope this is helpful. 

Th - 9800 

I am hopeful that you have the text of the manual and can read the descriptions (1 through 8) keyed to the diagram.  But it's in a table layout so the formatting may be too awkward.

upper left knob is identified as [photo key 1] left dial tuning dial for the left band. 
the entire radio appears to be bilaterally symmetrical, with a left dial, left volume / squelch, and right dial at the top and right volume / squelch at the bottom. [photo keys 1, 2, 7, 6] The display is also split into left and right sections with comparable stuff displayed.

Three vertical buttons on the left are labeled downward a b and c, with d e and f labeled downward on the similar three buttons to the right. All six refer to [photo key 8]

[Photo key 8] calls these hyper memory Keys a through f

Of the nine buttons across the bottom, the center is labeled with a dot [photo key 4]. And is named "set" on the page. it says this enters the menu mode or if you hold for half a second to transfer the contents of the Main band VFO into a memory. 

Buttons on each side of the set button are in two groups [photo key 3 on the left and 5 on the right] with Legends LOW, V/M, HM, SCN.
[LOW] [V/M] [HM] [SCN] [.] [LOW] [V/M] [HM] [SCN]

"LOW" changes power modes, cycling low, mid2, mid1, high. Long press on it changes display modes (you probably won't care)
"V/M" short press to switch freq control between VFO & memory mode. Long press to shift into "memory tuning" feature
"HM" recall a "home" freq. Long press to activate priority channel scanning
"SCN" activate scanner. Long press to set up the "scan skip list or preferential scan list under MR mode"

I'll try to reply if this just creates more questions




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