[chirp_users] Possibly Bad USB to radio cable

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Well, not entirely true.


For those unfortunate (or cheap) enough to have a cloned cable or adapter, likely, trouble lies ahead.  For those of us you either use an ORM cable, a non-cloned cable, or an RT-Systems cable, we would have not even known it happened.  Still, thanks for the heads up, there’ll be a flurry of folks having difficulties again.


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Beware that Microsoft just downloaded a new version of Windows 10 to all computers running it.  Unless you have told your Windows software not to update it, it has downloaded a new "Prolific" driver which will not work and hence its's not your cable but your driver.  Go to Miklor.  There they will tell you how to prevent such overwrites of the old Prolific driver as well as provide a link which will allow you to install it over the new driver and prevent it being overwritten in the future.  Chris, N1CAK

On 1/12/2019 10:22 PM, D.J.J. Ring, Jr. wrote:

I have a Wouxun red colored cable, suddenly it no longer works.  I
have the Wouxun Windows programming software:  Doesn't communicate
with radio.  CHIRP on Win10 and Arch Linux: Same problem, radio
doesn't respond.
It used to work, now suddenly it doesn't work!
Is there some way I can check the USB to double jack (1/8 (3.5mm) and
3/32 inch (2.5mm).
I have a club member with the same cable, but it's been 20 days since
he was going to come over to test my cable by substitution.
It's either my transceiver or my cable!  Only have one hand held that
takes this cable!
I only have a 100 MHz dual trace 'scope and a nice RadioShack 22-812
DMM to test with. So I could capture slower pulses.  Probably won't be
a good test like substitution of working cable.
I know it's a fairly dumb question but you never know until you ask!
David N1EA
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